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By Jennifer Cruz

The shooters, Mitchell Johnson (left) and Andrew Golden (right) were 11 and 13 years old when they carried out the attack that left five dead and 10 injured. (Photo: Arkansas Times)
An Arkansas judge Monday collectively awarded $150 million to the families of five people who were shot and killed in a school shooting in Jonesboro nearly 20 years ago, however, according to their attorney, the families will likely never see the money.
“This effort was never about any money for us,” said Pam Herring, whose 12-year-old daughter, Paige, was killed in the March 24, 1998, shooting. “We had to honor our loved ones and tell the court how much it hurt to have them taken from us, even all these years later.”
The families and their attorney, Bobby McDaniel, hope the depositions, which were also unsealed Monday, may help to prevent such attacks in the future by revealing any possible warning signs that were missed. And although the families will probably never see a payout, the ruling will also prevent the shooters from cashing in on the attack.
“If either of them tries to sell their story for a book or a movie deal, or wins the lottery, this judgment means they


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