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By Philip Van Cleave

Falls Church Library Is Trying To Skirt Virginia Gun Laws
Falls Church Library Is Trying To Skirt Virginia Gun Laws

Virginia – -( As you know, it is perfectly legal to carry openly or concealed (with a CHP) in libraries run by local governments in Virginia because of Virginia’s firearms preemption law (15.2-915).

With that in mind, the Falls Church library has a rule that says, “8. No person may bring guns, knives, or any weapons into the library, except as permitted by law.”

Such a rule clearly has only one purpose: to confuse and discourage law-abiding gun owners from carrying in the library.

That is a despicable attempt to get around the state preemption law.

I have spoken to the Falls Church City Attorney about removing that unnecessary and confusing wording, but she advised me that the library administration refuses to change it. I’ve also been told that the library staff has a habit of calling the police whenever they see someone carrying. The police come, shake their heads, shrug, and leave (hats off to the Falls Church PD for doing so).


Libraries are all about education, so let’s do some educating. The Falls Church Library needs to be taught about the right of citizens to keep and bear …Read the Rest

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