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By Scott Gara

Falkor Defense showed up to TriggrCon 2018 sporting their new affordable rifle, aptly name The Standard. This AR15 is the “Chevy Corvette that every man can afford, compared to the Lamborghini and Ferrari,” Jacob, the Falkor Defense rep, told us when comparing The Standard with the Alpha and Omega rifles that the company has come to be known for.
The rifle is an impressive looking beast especially whewn you add in the VG6 muzzle break, the Griffin Armament M2 sights, and teh BA Hanson barrel. It feels good in the hand and if it shoots as well as it feel it should be worth the $1,599 price tag. The company touts on their it’s “Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. #basicAF” Personally I would be just fine being seen as “basicAF” shouldered with this rifle. Not only does Falkor bring stylish guns to events but their booth is also stylishly adorned with an 8-foot inflatable dragon, because, why not?
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