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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

EZ Accuracy AR-15 Gas Block Dimple Tool
EZ Accuracy AR-15 Gas Block Dimple Tool
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WARMINSTER, Pa. -( This is a step that many builders skip due to the fact that locating the proper location to drill the dimples can be a difficult and nerve-racking task.

Putting the dimple in the wrong place can mean having to go with a different style gas block or in a worst case scenario, ruining your barrel. We feel that ensuring a gas block cannot move is essential in the continued reliability of your AR platform.

While there are tools on the market that accomplish this task, they are all proprietary to a certain gas block. Unless you are a shop that always use the same gas block, it’s not very economical to spend money on the tool.

As a shop that installs a large variety of gas blocks, EZ Accuracy came up with a simple and fast way to install any block that uses a 10-32 sized screw.

“Gas blocks are very easy to slide onto the barrel but can become tricky when machining so that the block will not shift. Many AR builders will skip this step out of fear of placing the dimple in the …Read the Rest

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