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By Christen Smith

A bipartisan trio of lawmakers introduced a bill expanding background check requirements in the Pennsylvania state House earlier this month.
House Bill 1400 amends existing statute to require all gun transfers, except those between family members, include a background check. Currently, state law exempts firearms with barrels longer than 15 inches from the mandate.
The proposal also creates a background check approval valid for 72 hours to be used at gun shows.
Prime sponsor Republican Rep. Jamie Santora said the measure will “ultimately” require background checks for the sale of every firearm in the state.
“We’re not trying to take away Second Amendment rights,” he told the Delaware County News Network last week. “Anyone who has a gun should have a background check. If it saves one life, I did my job.”
Democratic Reps. Dom Costa and Madeleine Dean cosponsored the bill, formally introduced in the House on May 18. It awaits consideration in the House Judiciary Committee.
“While there is no single solution to this terrible problem, there are measures that can and must be taken,” a spokesperson for Dean told local media last week. “HB 1400 would accomplish one of those measures by closing Pennsylvania’s background check loophole in firearms purchases by requiring universal


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