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By Robert A. Sadowski

A decade or so ago, AKs were inexpensive and offered shooters a battle-proven rifle design. Now, importation is banned from certain countries and availability of even U.S.-made AKs has dried up. In addition, the price of these once-surplus AKs slowly inched its way out of the reach of the average shooter.

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) intends to change that. Early in 2015, PSA showed off some prototypes of a U.S.-made AK-47 called the PSAK-47 with a retail price of around $699 depending on furniture. People were impressed. Larry Vickers gave the PSAK-47 high praise, calling it the “Cadillac of AKs.”

I recently got my hands on the PSAK-47 MOE Edition, which I found impressive, well made, outfitted for the modern shooter and affordable.

First off, the PSAK-47 is truly Americanized. It is not Russian nor Bulgarian nor even Chinese, but an amalgamation of all the good design traits of an AK made into one. When asked what AK-47 design blueprint the company used for the PSAK-47, Adam Ruonala, chief marketing officer at PSA, responded with not just one AK-47 design plan but numerous.

“We looked at the Russian, Chinese, Romanian and Bulgarian blueprints and …Read the Rest

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