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By Sean Utley

338 lapua magnum dutch marines sniper

Whether you like them or not, you know a Porsche when you see it, regardless of model or year. This continuity takes strong commitment to a formula that may not always be the coolest but yields solid results.


Why the .338 Lapua Still Dominates in the Long-Range Shooting World

This brings us to today’s precision rifles, with designs that are all basically the same. They all possess a similar style, and rightfully so, because functionality and purpose trump everything else. While their performance has improved over the years, the packaging is for the most part still the same. Traditional stocks have been all but replaced by numerous chassis systems. Each brings its own style and functionality, and some are more conspicuous than others. While chassis systems represent technological achievements and offer several ergonomic and performance benefits, for some they are too great a departure from the tried-and-true conventional stock.

But one company, J. Allen Enterprises, has taken the familiar look and feel of a traditional rifle stock and blended it with the modularity of a modern chassis. In other words, like Porsche, the company has blended traditional lines with technological advancements to improve …Read the Rest

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