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By Chris Eger

The CMP for the past several decades has been in the M1 Garand business, and business has been booming. (Photos: Chris Eger/
We recently had the chance to tour the surplus rifle warehouses of the Civilian Marksmanship Program in Alabama to find out about both current and potential future operations.
The CMP is a federally-chartered non-profit corporation tasked with promoting firearms safety training and target practice. It originated as the Office of the Director of Civilian Marksmanship in 1903 under orders from Congress to improve the country’s marksmanship skills and has been a driving force behind the National Matches for over a century.

Split off from the U.S. Army under the Clinton-administration in 1996, the new CMP still conducts training courses and holds shooting competitions and clinics nationwide but draws its primary source of funding through the sale of surplus firearms to qualifying members of the public which were donated to the organization by the Army.
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To see just what the non-profit has on the shelf, we visited the CMP’s South operations in Anniston. Co-located near the Anniston Army Depot — which is actually in nearby Bynum — and stores much of the


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