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By Robert Farago

Taxi ad (courtesy

TTAG reader Eric sent us an email blast from the doyennes of disarmament at Everytown for Gun Safety. [Make the jump for the text.] The email links to a petition [here] calling for President Obama to abandon legislative efforts at gun control in favor of unspecified executive actions. [Eric: “Interesting. I just got another email from Everytown thanking me for signing that petition. I didn’t sign it.] The petition’s penned by one Erica Lafferty, Chief Bloody Shirt Waver Survivor Engagement Manager, Everytown for Gun Safety. Everytown is “planning to put up (Take Executive Action) ads in 3,000 taxis across D.C. to make sure (the President) hears our message loud and clear.” I wonder if President Obama looks at taxis when he’s swanning about town in his limo . . .

It’s been almost three years since my mother was shot and killed. She was the principal of Sandy Hook School, gunned down along with 25 others on December 14, 2012.

Sandy Hook was one of the most devastating shootings in our nation’s history, and I was appalled when Congress failed to act. That’s why I’m asking President Obama to step up and not let this anniversary go by without …Read the Rest

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