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By Dan Zimmerman


It’s the same thing every time. A five-time deported illegal alien felon murders a woman in San Francisco – using a federal agent’s gun, no less – and Nancy Pelosi figures that’s as good an excuse as any to push for more gun control laws. In fact, the way she sees it, Congress has a “moral responsibility” to act. And she isn’t talking about “doing something” about accommodating sanctuary cities or irresponsible feds who can’t manage to hold onto their pistols. Then the FBI admits that Dylann Roof got his gun because of a bureaucratic screw-up by the basement-dwelling NICS trolls and Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety blames…you got it…the NRA. It’s all their fault. Here’s their latest email blast . . .

We already knew that the Charleston shooter bought himself the gun he used to kill nine people in a horrific act of terror last month.

But the FBI just announced yesterday that he didn’t pass his background check — and should never been able to get that gun.

He was flagged by the FBI for further investigation, but because of an NRA-backed loophole in the law, the gun dealer was allowed …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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