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Evergreen Ballistics is a shooter-owned enterprise that sells a great selection of coated lead bullets, conventional cast bullets, plus copper-plated bullets. If you currently shoot cast and/or plated bullets in your pistols and/or rifles, you should definitely check out the Evergreen Ballistics offerings. The prices are very competitive and customer service is excellent.
Evergreen Ballistics (EB) was launched in April 2020. The company soon received many customer requests to produce coated bullets. Marc McAtee, owner of Evergreen Ballistics, set to work: “I ordered several different colors of Hi-Tek Supercoat [to test]. We launched the line of coated bullets in mid-2020 and they quickly became our most desired type of bullets.” A year later Evergreen launched a line of EB-branded plated pistol bullets produced by a major North American plated-bullet manufacturer.
“I have always tried to keep the mission of Evergreen Ballistics focused and simple. Provide quality projectiles to reloaders at the best price possible. In addition, we try to treat our customers as we would want to be treated. From fast, inexpensive shipping, to taking the time to answer every email, we do our best to do right by the customer.” — Marc McAtee, Evergreen Ballistics

Evergreen Ballistics Polymer-Coated Bullets
Evergreen Ballistics offers a

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