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By Nick Leghorn

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When Paris terrorist attacks occurred on Friday, the article that got most traffic on TTAG was this this one about French gun laws. Tens of thousands read it and they learned that France has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world. Just about all the guns the jihadis used and everything they did was illegal. Semi-auto rifles require a special license which, you’ll be surprised to learn, the terrorists didn’t have. You can only transport a gun to and from approved ranges, which the terrorists most definitely did not. And the list goes on. So now given the success of French gun laws at preventing the carnage, the European Union is apparently preparing to enact more gun control measures, specifically an “assault weapons ban” based solely on cosmetic features . . .


From UK Shooting News:

A Polish newspaper article (in Polish) reveals that a source referred to as “PAP” – evidently some kind of shooters’ association, though its exact identity is lost in translation – disclosed the proposals yesterday.

Central to the proposal is a ban on all semi-automatic rifles “similar to that used by the …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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