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By Ammoland

Esther Q. Schneider Pheasant Hunting

Editors Note: Esther Q. Schneider is running for re-election to the 2019 NRA Board of Directors.

USA – -( Esther Q. Schneider is a current NRA Board Member, first elected in 2016, and nominated by the NRA Selection Committee. She is a Benefactor Life Member and a Charlton Heston Society member in the NRA Ring of Freedom. Esther was one of the earliest members of the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum and is fast-approaching the Ruby Level. The NRA committees she serves on are Membership, Grassroots, and Youth Programs, and previously served on OutReach.

Fredy Riehl: Hello Esther. It is great to talk to you. Thanks for helping us get to know who is running for NRA board in 2019. You are a current board member, and I believe this is your first time running for re-election to the board? Tell our readers about your background some of your accomplishments unrelated to the NRA.

Esther Q. Schneider Pheasant Hunting

Esther Schneider: I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, to parents with deep Texas roots and a strong belief in self-reliance. In the 1960s, Vegas was a place where as a very young child, I could …Read the Rest

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