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By Bob Owens


Evidence continues to pour in supporting the fact that the death of Tamir Rice was a tragedy caused by the boy’s decision to reach for a realistic firearm in his waistband.

Enhanced images now confirm Rice reached for the replica gun in is waistband before being shot:

Enhanced surveillance images of the Tamir Rice shooting offer a closer look at what appears to be the boy walking toward a Cleveland police cruiser, reaching for his waist and lifting his arm and shoulder in the split-second before a police officer shot him.

The images are among 326 released Saturday night by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty that offer frame-by-frame analysis of what two surveillance cameras captured during the Nov. 22, 2014 shooting outside the Cudell Recreation Center.

The images released Saturday were enhanced by Grant Fredericks of Forensic Video Solutions in Spokane, Washington. Fredericks used metadata from the surveillance video to establish the timeline of events leading to Tamir’s shooting. (See the images in the document viewer below.)

Fredericks is a contract instructor at the FBI National Academy and is “one of the most experienced video experts in North America,” according to the company’s website.

Text overlays detail what is seen in certain images.

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