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Elect Willes K. Lee to NRA Board
Elect Willes K. Lee to NRA Board
Hawaii Rifle Association
Hawaii Rifle Association

Hawaii – -( Aloha everyone,

The Hawaii Rifle Association and Hawaii Friends of NRA are endorsing Willes K. Lee for the 2016 NRA Board.

We ask for your support and vote for Willes K. Lee.

For more information please logon to HRA’s website at:


Statement by Willes K. Lee.

Willes K. Lee
Willes K. Lee

I am honored to be able to ask for your vote, I am Willes Lee. Endorsed by the NRA Nominating Committee, my goal is to continue the valuable tradition of the NRA, and to assist organizations and elect legislators at every level of government to secure our Second Amendment rights. These civil rights are attacked daily. Political action and the NRA-ILA stands between your self-defense, love of hunting and shooting sports, collecting and gun ownership and those who want to take your rights.

An NRA Life Member, I was the first person from Hawaii appointed to an NRA committee having served on Urban Affairs, and now a member of the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee led by LtCol Oliver North. Each Board and Committee member also assists …Read the Rest

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