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By Tom Knighton

It’s troubling when you’re a city leader when there’s a spike in crime. A single murder, as bad as it is, can be written off easily as an isolated tragedy. But when several homicides happen in a short amount of time, you almost have to start demanding answers. The people who elected you expect it.

But all too often, that demand ends up being a call for gun control. So-called leaders look to the easy scapegoat and start calling for a restriction on people’s constitutionally protected rights.

Look at what’s transpiring in Durham, North Carolina.

Durham officials called on state legislators Thursday to put in place “common-sense gun laws” in the aftermath of a rash of homicides in the first weeks of 2019.

Mayor Steve Schewel said it’s important to address the “root causes” of violence.

“First of all, and I have to mention this, we have got to have common-sense gun laws in this state,” he said.

Newly elected Durham County Sheriff Clarence Birkhead echoed the mayor, saying it’s too easy for young people to access guns.

“There are far too many guns in our community,” Birkhead said. “I talk with our leaders in Raleigh about smart gun legislation that will limit the …Read the Rest

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