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Ducks Unlimited TV

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – -( This week on Ducks Unlimited TV, co-host Ashley Ward and the crew head to New England to sample the area’s unique sea duck and diver duck hunting. While there, they meet some passionate DU volunteers who turn out to raise money for conservation in the middle of a blizzard.

“This trip was a lot of fun for me,” said Ward. “I grew up hunting along the Mississippi Flyway in Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee. And it was such a neat experience to be able to come up here to Cape Cod and hunt the Atlantic Flyway and just to get to see the different kinds of species that migrate here.”

During the shoot, a major nor’easter hit New England, shutting down roads and coastal hunting for several days. Despite the weather, a volunteer-led fundraising event in the area proceeded as planned and raised valuable money for DU’s conservation mission.

“Ducks can do nothing but survive from day to day,” said local DU Volunteer Mike Donnelly. “Take away the habitat, you lose the ducks. My opportunity is to reinvest in what I love doing. So the grassroots …Read the Rest

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