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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Bears Ears National Monument
Bears Ears National Monument

DALLAS, Texas -( In a recent announcement from The White House and the Department of the Interior, modifications to two national monuments − Bears Ears and other massive set-asides − will both continue to protect objects of significance and important wildlife habitat but also will prioritize public use and access.

DSC believes the hunting community should be aware of the significance of these rulings and the effect they will have on hunter-funded conservation.

In an order last September, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke expanded hunting and fishing on national monuments demonstrating the administration’s active support of hunting and other forms of outdoor recreation on public lands.

By establishing the national monument system, Teddy Roosevelt intended for the status as a monument to be pro-conservation, and ultimately, this review of monument status does not dilute those intentions.

The background material provided by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior debunks some of the misinformation floating around the hunting and outdoor community. The antiquities in these monuments will still be on protected land, the process to determine what federal land does and doesn’t qualify for protected status is still valid, and the overreach of federal power will be put in check.
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