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By Dean Weingarten

Drug Dealer Ambush or Defense Against Home Invasion?
Drug Dealer Ambush or Defense Against Home Invasion?

Arizona -( The recent killing of a couple in Houston, Texas, and the wounding of four police officers, has been claimed to be an ambush of police by drug dealers.

Later accounts by officers at the scene show that police broke into the house, and fired first, killing the couple’s dog.

The husband then fired back, wounding the officer who killed their dog.

Officers then shot the unarmed 58-year-old wife. They claim she was attempting to get the shotgun from the wounded officer. From

When Monday afternoon’s raid was over, two suspects were dead and five officers were injured, four of them suffering gunshot wounds.

The first officer fired a shotgun blast, killing the dog. Suspect Dennis Tuttle, 59, initially retreated but returned with a .357 Magnum, shooting the officer in the shoulder, the chief said. The officer collapsed onto a couch in the living room.

As the other narcotics officers charged through the door — which Acevedo described as a “fatal funnel” — the second suspect, Rhogena Nicholas, 58, tried to wrestle the shotgun away from the officer on the couch. Police quickly shot her.

More gunfire was exchanged as …Read the Rest

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