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By Erika Haas

A South Florida Uber driver is finally challenging the ride-sharing company’s no-gun policy.

Jose Mejia, who has been a part-time driver for Uber for over a year now, filed a class action lawsuit earlier this month, claiming the company is infringing on his Second Amendment rights.

Since 2015, Uber has prohibited all drivers and riders from carrying inside any vehicle while using the app, even if that person is legally permitted to carry in that state.

The policy change came after an Uber driver – with a valid concealed carry permit – used his legally owned firearm to stop a gunman who had opened fire on a group of people in Chicago. The driver was clearly acting in self-defense and the defense of others and was not found guilty of any wrongdoing. And yet Uber still decided to strip all of its drivers, and passengers, of their gun rights – and ultimately their ability to defend themselves – as a result.

Now many Uber employees, including Mejia, say they feel unsafe on the job. And rightfully so.

“I’m not able to protect myself or defend myself,” Mejia tells ABC Local 10 …Read the Rest

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