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By Justin Stakes

Chestnut Rage from Wildgame Innovations
Chestnut Rage from Wildgame Innovations
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Wildgame Innovations

New Roads, LA -( Before blight wiped them out in the early 1900s, the American chestnut was the hands-down favorite food source for whitetails and other game.

Bigger than acorns and lacking their bitter taste, chestnuts are high in protein and drop every year, making them an ideal food source. Thanks to the efforts of determined arborists, these trees are making a comeback, and now hunters can take advantage of the irresistible lure of chestnuts with Chestnut Rage attractant from Wildgame Innovations.

Made from real crushed chestnuts, Chestnut Rage draws deer to a location and keeps them looking for more. While whitetails never rely solely on a single food source, they are drawn to highly beneficial foods that are found in limited supply. Chestnut Rage is specifically designed to attract deer and promote overall health and antler growth. This nutrient-filled blend includes extruded rice bran and other minerals and proteins that deer can’t resist.

While scouting before deer season, use Chestnut Rage to pull deer from other areas. Pour it directly on the ground or use a feeder. A trail camera will let you know the caliber of bucks in the …read more

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