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By gunwriter Scout Rifles can become obsessive, especially if you worship at the altar of lightweight. Prior to the 2016 Scout Rifle Conference at Gunsite Academy I asked my local master gunsmith Jerry Dove of Dove Custom Guns if he would like to work with me on a Scout Rifle project. He agreed and as mentioned in this journal earlier, the Patriot Scout Rifle is the result. I chose this platform due to the reliability I’ve experienced with it in Africa but also because of its lightweight. However, one aspect of the Patriot, which is superior to any of the current commercial Scout Rifles, is its excellent five-round detachable magazine. This magazine will allow you to drop a single cartridge in on top of an empty magazine and close the bolt. It will also permit easy – full capacity – loading through the ejection port. This is something that you cannot do with the Ruger, Mossberg MVP, Savage or Steyr. Yes, the rifle as shown is relatively expensive but the real news is that for only about $ 350.00 Dove can create similar version out of your current or newly purchased Mossberg Patriot. (Sights, sling, rings, and scope are extra.) Weight worshipers …Read the Rest

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