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By Kristin Alberts

While we’ve all seen old-timers with a flintlock over one shoulder and a leather-fringed possibles bag over the other, many of us now hunt primarily with modern inlines. As such, what goes into a modern hunter’s possible bag? gives you a look into mine for a few of the items that accompany me on every blackpowder hunt.
Blackhorn Powder
Several years ago, I switched from pelletized powder to loose Blackhorn and have watched my groups tighten up significantly as a result. Sure, pellets are simple to carry and drop in the barrel, but they do not allow for tailoring loads and ultimate accuracy.  I’ll gladly sacrifice a slight ease advantage for the end gains. Packing Blackhorn means a quality powder measure is needed as well, but that’s a simple addition when you’re getting the ability to load to the exact grain your rifle likes instead of dropping in 50-grain increments of pelletized powder.  Plus, you know you are getting an exacting measurement each time, as you do it yourself.
Hornady FPB Bullets
These flex-tipped, skirtless bullets allow for one-inch groups at 100 yards, per Hornady’s advertising, and they’re not kidding. Hold up your end of the bargain with a good powder, rifle, and


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