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By Jenn Jacques

It seems to be a common theme today; the politically correct talking heads, who are often the most intolerant, demanding that citizens ignore their intuition so that a certain group of individuals is not offended. “Use generic pronouns so that transgender individuals aren’t offended,” they say. “Have dinner with multicultural races of people frequently to ensure you’re not racist,” they insist. “Go ahead: undress in front of and shower with boys, young ladies,” they demand.

If for no other reason than it’s liberals telling me I must do these things, I simply know better than to ignore my intuition. One of the first things we teach in concealed carry class is to ‘trust your gut’. If you are in a situation you don’t feel comfortable in or sense that a particular area is unsafe, get out. However, we do sometimes have to be in places that could potentially put us in harm’s way.

Like a local Walmart.

Just this summer, a Milwaukee County judge sentenced 21-year-old James J. Gill to nine years in prison and another seven years of extended supervision after he plead guilty to two counts of armed robbery as party to …read more

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