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By Rob Pincus

Avidity Arms PD10 Pistol


Does the New Glock 48 Kill the New Avidity Arms PD10 Pistol?

USA – -( No, the Glock 48 doesn’t kill the Avidity Arms PD10. I don’t even think most people will truly find it to be a better pistol… but, time will tell on that front.

Over the past few years, hundreds of people have shot the Avidity Arms PD10 and loved it. Over the past few decades, Hundreds of Millions have shot various Glocks and many have also loved them. Many of us fell in love with Glock when they were unique. A large segment of the market has figured out since then that other Modern Striker Fired Pistols, with better ergonomics, fit our hands better, have better triggers and can be shot better under the circumstances of most defensive gun uses than the blockier Glocks.

The kind of “oh, that feels good in the hand” response rarely comes from a Glock contour. One of the PD10’s primary requirements was “fit as many hands comfortably as possible”. The contouring bore axis, trigger shape & feel and several other design points have been crafted around that guidance to make the gun not only pleasing …Read the Rest

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