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By Jacki Billings

A collection of images showing models, or “gun bunnies,” posing provocatively with guns taken from various Instagram pages. (Photo: Instagram)
The term “gun bunny” often refers to a woman who poses in pictures holding a gun while dressed provocatively — a throwback to the iconic Playboy Bunny. On social media there are numerous models and channels dedicated to such images, but it’s hard to say exactly how they affect the gun industry.
Opinions on gun bunnies follow the same pattern of response to sex in advertising. The ads may be memorable, but the products and brands aren’t, putting to bed the old adage that “sex sells.” More to the point, though, the sexed up marketing may also have devastating consequences like repelling females — a largely sought after demographic.
Firearms instructor Marchelle Tigner points out that gun bunny culture affects her ability to be taken seriously as a woman in the industry. “I do get a lot of feedback that is negative, especially because a lot of the images I have out there,” she told in an interview. “It’s not risqué, but I don’t look like what you would think of as a firearms instructor. So they don’t take me as serious


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