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By Ben Philippi

Bishop Dan Johnson and his sons Judah and Boaz photographed at The Heart of Fire Church in Louisville, Kentucky sporting their Romanian-made WASR-10 AK-47s with 50-round magazines. (Photo: Ben Philippi)
In 2017, Dan Johnson (Rep.) was elected to serve the Kentucky State House of Representatives 49th District. He’s also been the bishop of the Heart of Fire Church since 1995. Located in southeast Louisville. the church doubles as a biker bar during the week. Johnson encourages his congregation to carry, leads the famed Heart of Fire Gun Choir, and believes no one is too far gone to be saved by God’s love and grace.
As a Christian gun owner, I asked myself some questions; ‘Is it right for a Christian to defend his family? Are lethal weapons in the hands of private citizens in keeping with the Bible?’
I discovered that the Bible has much to say about weapons. The word ‘sword’ appears in over 400 verses in the Old and New Testaments.
Peace in a man’s palace or home is the result of being armed, not disarmed. Law abiding citizens, trained in the proper use of firearms, can only enhance the peace of our communities.
Armed homes are a deterrent to violent crime.
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