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By Bob Owens

We’ve come to expect a great degree of left-wing, anti-gun bias in most mainstream media outlets. While we wish those biases didn’t exist, we trust most news consumers to be able to read between the lines to extract the truth. Based on the record support for gun rights, it seems certain that Americans have learned to cut through the media’s dishonest spin.

What we do not expect from our media is outright lies, such as those in a story released today from WCNC-Charlotte entitled Untraceable and unlicensed: A look at the gun industry’s loophole.

The story by “journalist” Sam Baranowski (video above) makes a number of patently false claims as it attempts to assert that it is easy for anyone to build an unlicensed machine gun.

The story starts dramatically, as Baranowski flashes to a montage of footage from the Santa Monica College shooting of of 2013. Baranowski then claims that the killer built a “machine gun” that he used in the attack. This is a demonstrable falsehood, easily debunked with even the most cursory web search.

No machine guns were used in the incident.

WCNC’s Baranski blatantly lied.

But even more breath-taking than Baranoski’s dishonest claim about …read more

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