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By Tom Knighton

Theater isn’t known for being pro-gun. Most of the arts are filled with left-leaning performers and artists who tend to listen to NPR and MSNBC and have taken most of their cues on politics from the likes of Rachel Maddow and Chris Cuomo of CNN. They don’t support guns, gun ownership, or anything that doesn’t end in the word “control” when it comes to firearms.

I suspect director Caleb Craig is probably among that group. After all, he’s described as being fairly liberal himself.

Yet the science fiction play he’s directing has some themes that might surprise gun owners just a bit.

Like many of his generation, Craig’s first significant political experiences came through the movements to elect Bernie, Hillary and Beto. He’s left-leaning on his social media platforms, though he says his family “falls more on the conservative end of the political spectrum.”

Similarly, the actors he’s assembled come from “varying world views and political backgrounds, ideologies [and] lifestyles.”

There isn’t an intentionally unifying philosophical message to By Our Hands, Craig adds, though its primary themes take centerstage. In the play, a totalitarian government controls a majority of the firearms. The end goal of the resistance is to retrieve them.

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