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By Bob Owens

A burglar in Houston, Texas must have known that attempting to rob a store that sells machine guns during the day would be a suicidal effort.

The burglar was probably quite surprised to find that the owner was there when he broke in at almost 2:00 AM Tuesday morning, but he isn’t around now to ask:

It would seem obvious that a firearms dealer specially licensed by the federal government to sell machine guns would know how to shoot, but burglars probably didn’t expect to face his wrath at 1:45 in the morning.

That is how Houston police say matters played out early Tuesday when a man was shot in the head and critically wounded while allegedly trying to break into Class 3 Weapons near north Houston near the intersection of North Shepherd and Tidwell.

It was the second time this week a local gun store has been hit. The other was Monday, when a backhoe was used to bash a hole in Warthog Firearms, off Main.

“Every gun store owner probably needs to live in their gun store to protect it,” said Jim Pruett, a former gun dealer who was robbed three times in five years.

“It is not if they are going to …read more

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