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By Brandon Curtis

GUN #1

This is my Springfield XDM. I call this my movie theatre rig. I carry it in an outside the waistband Kydex holster built by Columbia Custom Holsters. It conceals well under a hoodie or a flannel shirt. I carry it with two spare magazines allowing me to have 58 rounds of 9mm. I carry it whenever I am going someplace that has the potential of being a target for a mass shooting. If I am the only one in a large group of people who is fighting back I want to have enough capacity to neutralize a threat.

GUN #2

This is my Springfield XDs in .45 acp. I carry it in an outside the waistband custom built Kydex holster made locally by a company called Procraft Tactical. I carry it in the 4 o’clock position and can conceal it with a t-shirt. It is small enough to carry while wearing lighter clothes in warmer weather but it is chambered in a serious personal defense caliber.

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