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By Brandon

1. I carry a Taurus PT92AF 9mm pistol, with Hogue rubber grips. And an American Warrior neck knife. Also a Ruger pepper spray. Plus a pair of Mec-gar 20 round spare magazines, filled with Glaser Pow’er Ball ammo.

2. Holstered in a Fobus right-hand hard paddle holster. Also an Uncle Mikes double magazine hard pack.

3. I carry the Taurus PT92AF because it is similar to the Beretta 92 I was familiar with in the military. The Taurus model is a VERY sweet shoot. Fast, Stable, and accurate. Also a very smooth shooter with very little felt recoil. This heavier pistol doesn’t snap and jump around like so many lighter ones will. Especially when rapid firing. Yes the weight takes some getting used to. And at times a pest. But for me the shooting qualitys of this pistol far outweighed the occasional annoyance of its size and weight. Also I have owned this one for @ 2 years now. And I have never had any issues with it.

I chose the Fobus holster because it fits very well and has a very good tilt for my hand. Also at an inexpensive price i think it was a good buy for the cost. I …Read the Rest

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