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By Brandon Curtis


If you have found a combination of gear that you are willing to carry on a daily basis you will notice that your EDC changes little over the years. I’ve recorded 6 years’ worth of EDC gear on my blog. Little has changed. I’ve long since settled into a Glock 17 with a spare magazine. With this update, I’ve moved from the Blackhawk leather IWB holster to a Blade-Tech Nano IWB. I’ve updated my flashlight and phone but other than that the foundational equipment has not changed in 6 years. I consider this a sign that I’ve gotten things “right” for me. There was a signification addition this year – a blowout kit worn around my left ankle, details are below. So, let’s take a closer look.

Carry Weapon:

My carry weapon is a Glock 17 carried in a Blade-Tech Nano IWB holster at the 4 o’clock. I also carry a spare magazine downloaded to 15 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense ammunition (I never load a magazine to full capacity – old habit). For cover garments, I typically wear an un-tucked polo shirt or Henley. …Read the Rest

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