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By Brandon Curtis


1) beretta px4 compact, (g conversion, 12lb hammer spring Langdon tactical)

2) JM custom kydex wing claw 2. 5 attached to a phlster flex, along with a 20 round magazine and ASP street defender O.C spray.

3.a) I selected the px4 because of it’s similar manual of arms to the M9 I carried for work. Since then, I’ve made a number of simple improvements to the gun such as converting it to decock only and addressing one of the legitimate criticism of berettas.

3b) I’ve run the gamut of holsters over the years, including an unfortunate attraction to hybrids and a brief period where I carried a light on my gun. I eventually gave appendix a try and am now a true believer, especially using a pizza blaster such as this. The storms round grip works very well hiding the butt of the gun, and the heavy trigger and external hammer both add extra safety measures to the system. I had been using strong side holsters from JM in the past and seeing as it has a reputation of specializing in appendix rigs, it was a natural choice. The 2.5 has a minimalist design that …Read the Rest

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