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By Tom Knighton

In theory, a Republican governor with a Republican legislature shouldn’t have that hard of a fight getting much of anything accomplished. After all, they’re in the same party, so one would think they’d share similar enough views that it wouldn’t be difficult to find enough common ground to pass some legislation.

In practice, that tends to hold up.

The exception, though, is when a Republican governor is meddling with gun rights, something many in the GOP are vehemently opposed to. That’s what Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is running into.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine may have trouble getting his gun control legislation passed through the legislature despite both chambers being controlled by his party.

After a mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio, killed 10 people, DeWine laid out a plan to curb gun violence, which includes background checks, changes to mental health policy and increased penalties. House Speaker Larry Householder, R-Glenford, expressed concern with the plan, however.

“There are several things with the DeWine/Husted plan we have some deep concerns about,” Householder said, according to a report from the Gongwer News Service.

“Whether that be an automobile, a firearm, a knife or a bomb, I think the most important thing, if we’re going to make …Read the Rest

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