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By Lee Williams

(Photo-illustration from licensed Shutterstock account.)By Lee WilliamsThe California-based nonprofit 97Percent took its name from a debunked Quinnipiac poll that claimed 97% of Americans supported mandatory background checks. The group calls the remaining 3-percent “loud voices who have crowded out conversation and prevented collaboration between gun owners and non-gun owners.”97Percent never addresses the problems associated with polling gun owners, including their unwillingness to tell strangers there are firearms in their homes — especially over the phone. Instead, 97Percent says it focuses on policies that both gun owners and non-gun owners support. Both sides, the group says, share the common goal of keeping our communities safe.“Gun owners are essential to reducing gun-related violence, not part of the problem,” 97Percent states on its website. “We believe that real, productive conversations about gun safety aren’t happening because gun owners are not being invited into the dialogue. We want to change that.”Founded in 2020, the group posts quotes on its website that it attributes to gun owners and non-gun owners, who are identified only by their first names. From a journalistic perspective, the quotes appear far too perfect to be real and most likely written by someone with a marketing background.“I know I wouldn’t be

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