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By Robert Farago

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New York’s Nassau County is considering enacting a “safe storage” law for firearms owners (who have to jump over more hurdles to exercise their gun rights than Michelle Jenneke). “The measure, if passed, would allow the Nassau County Police Department to fine or arrest violators,” reports. “First-time offenders would face fines of up to $250 and 15-days in jail for possession of an unsecured firearm. If the unlocked gun is linked to a death or physical injury, the owner could be fined up to $1,000 or face up to a year in jail.” Safe storage laws strike me as a slippery slope to home inspections. And we have child endangerment laws to take care of egregious safety issues in the home. Responsible firearms ownership — as interpreted and implemented by free Americans in the privacy of their own homes without government supervision. That’s our policy. What’s your take?

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