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By Tom Knighton

Politics is hard. I’ve semi-jokingly referred to it as a bloodsport a time or two, and there’s a reason for that. It gets ugly.

One of the things you need to develop if you’re going to delve into politics is a thick skin. Even as a commentator, I’ve been called all kinds of vile things and accused of even worse things, all because of my political positions. Seriously awful things. And I’m not someone who actually crafts laws. It gets worse at that level.

Yet a Democrat in Virginia who is running primarily to advance gun control has now said she’s dropping out of the race, and the apparent reason is ridiculous.

A Republican state senator is facing a general election challenge for the first time in a decade in a district that’s considered strongly favorable to the incumbent.

Sen. John Cosgrove has held the seat in the 14th Senate District since 2014. He was a delegate for a decade prior to that and served on the City Council in Chesapeake, where he lives.

He’s running against Democrat Rebecca Raveson, a retired loan officer from Suffolk now working as a trustee for an estate.

Raveson said in an email Oct. 15 she was …Read the Rest

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