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By Vanessa Torres

Wild Turkey Fall Hunting Season
Delaware’s 2015 Wild Turkey Season Produced Second-Highest Harvest on Record
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)

Delaware -( Delaware’s month-long spring wild turkey season which ended May 9 yielded 633 birds – the second-highest harvest since turkey hunting resumed here, and surpassed only by last year’s state record of 687 birds, DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife announced today.

Delaware allows only the taking of gobblers – male turkeys – during the state’s spring season, which also is the only time of year turkeys may be hunted here.

“The recovery of the wild turkey in Delaware is a remarkable conservation success, made possible by the stewardship of hunters and including state chapters of the National Wild Turkey Federation,” said Division of Fish & Wildlife Director David Saveikis. “Such stewardship entails hunting license fees and federal funds from the purchase of hunting equipment to restore and sustain the state’s wild turkey population, which helped establish the sport of turkey hunting in Delaware. Stewardship by hunters and other conservationists has expanded with their participation in the Division of Fish & Wildlife’s annual volunteer wild turkey survey that helps DNREC determine wild …read more

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