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By G. Halek

The easiest way for my family to go Christmas shopping is if we all go to the mall at the same time, split up, and convene back at a set time. This gives the kids an opportunity to fan out and pick out gifts for their friends at school and sports.

As a concealed carrier, I know that it’s not just my life I have to worry about. There’s countless people around me who are just as interested in preserving themselves. And there’s also my family — who may or may not be nearby if a bad situation were to occur.

I don’t usually talk to my kids point blank about scenario situations like a shooting incident in the mall. To be honest, where I live, it’s never come up — and I hope it never will.

The oldest, 13, knows how to use guns and understands proper handling but he’s still 9 years away from being a concealed carrier.

We talk about emergency situations in generalized terminology. It may be a thing that my kids see in their lifetime, it may not. I hope it isn’t.

So, in a situation where we’re all spread out and feel relatively safe, there comes a serious need …Read the Rest

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