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By Johannes Paulsen

Benny Holmes, the pastor of New Beginnings Church in Baytown, Texas, was apparently napping in his office when he awakened by a disturbance. It turned out to be the sound of Lee Marvin Blue breaking in, apparently because he thought the church would be an easy mark to burglarize. But Blue (if that is his real name,) hadn’t counted on the pastor being armed . . .

According to the story by USA Today, after waking up, Pastor Holmes grabbed his 9mm pistol and contronted the thug, who was “carrying a large box filled with electronics taken from the church.” The Pastor told the burglar to put down the box, but “Blue allegedly made a quick motion.” That’s when the Pastor opened fire, striking Blue in the shoulder.

“Blue has no fixed address and has a record that includes car burglaries and public intoxication, records show,” according to the story in the USA Today.

This isn’t the first time that Pastol Holmes has worked on the side of the (law enforcement) angels.

Local officers knew Benny Holmes because he planned his own sting operation in September to catch a thief who was stealing packages off porches in the area, including his …read more

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