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By Tom Knighton

Defense Distributed’s name has been in the news a fair bit. Mostly, it’s been in the news because founder Cody Wilson is accused of doing some stuff that will make his days with firearms pretty much over if convicted.

But Defense Distributed isn’t just Wilson. As a company, it has to make plans to move forward, and right now, Cody Wilson is baggage that the company just can’t afford.

As such, the company has named a new director to keep the company in operation despite Wilson’s legal troubles.

In a press conference held in Austin, TX today, Paloma Heindorff announced that Cody Wilson resigned from Defense Distributed and Ghost Gunner. Heindorff also announced that effective immediately, she would be the new director of Defense Distributed and CEO of Ghost Gunner.

The change in leadership comes in the wake of Cody Wilson’s recent legal troubles where an arrest warrant was issued for the alleged sexual assault of a 16-year old girl. Wilson was later deported from Taiwan and placed in the custody of US Marshals once back in the US.

Defense Distributed’s Official Statement

The opening statement from the press conference made by Heindorff:

Good morning, …Read the Rest

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