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By Justin Stakes

"Deer Smuggler Protection Act" Hits Floor
“Deer Smuggler Protection Act” Hits Floor
Grass Roots North Carolina
Grass Roots North Carolina

Raleigh, NC -( Did Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler know deer are being illegally smuggled into North Carolina?

What about sponsors Sen. Jackson & Rep. West? Transporting wildlife without permits is a federal felony…

Just when you thought the “pay to play” deer farming scheme which could decimate hunting by bringing Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) into the state couldn’t get any worse, GRNC has received reports that some or all of the players may have known for some time that deer are being illegally smuggled – without permits – onto the Cherokee Indian Reservation for use in “canned” hunts.

If true, such deer smuggling would not only violate North Carolina law, but also federal law under The Lacey Act – prohibiting interstate transportation of wildlife without a permit – making it a federal felony. That’s right, canned hunting brings in big bucks and, with it, corruption. Just days ago, in the biggest deer trafficking case thus far, a Georgia man received a record $1.6 million fine, while his accomplice got twenty-one months in jail.

NCWRC knew about deer smuggling.

According to the letter received by GRNC from wildlife advocate and …read more

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