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By David Codrea

By David Codrea

If the gun-grabbers are offended and outraged by clenched fists of truth, what’s this about?
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( “In ad FOR THE NRA, @DLoesch accuses left of ‘violence of lies’ & calls for fighting back with ‘clenched fist of truth.’ Just wow,” MSNBC anchor (self-described as “America’s second favorite cable news lesbian” Sally Kohn tweeted. “At least ad falls short of directly on gun owners to take up arms against left. But sure comes close.”

Really? National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch calling out “The Violence of Lies” in NRA’s “Freedom’s Safest Place” campaign seems more like a long overdue self defense response, but then again it’s no surprise that “progressives” routinely self defense as “vigilantism.” And Kohn is hardly alone, with the Bradys and the Bloombergians making it clear who they side with.

Joining the billionaire-funded Astroturfers is Black Lives Matter, which evidently blames NRA, Republicans and racism for violence committed in “progressive”-ruled communities and promises “the raised black fist of resistance” as a response.

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