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By Chris Eger

With a carbon-fiber side-folding stock and aluminum upper, the CZ Bren Ms carbine is light and compact. It is also new to the U.S. (Photos: Chris Eger/
Kansas City-based CZ-USA this week introduced the world to their new 5.56 NATO Bren 2 Ms in a long-awaited carbine format.
While the Bren 2 first popped up as a pistol, the new carbine is fully 922(r) compliant and runs a 16.5-inch barrel with an adjustable side-folding stock, although other models are on the horizon.
Derived from the company’s select-fire Bren 2, a modular combat rifle in the same vein as the FN SCAR, Remington/Bushmaster ACR (nee Magpul Masada), Radom FB MSBS Grot and Serbu Diabolus, the Czech-made gun uses a carbon-fiber lower and stock mated to a lightweight aluminum upper.
As the short-stroke gas piston system does not use a buffer tube unlike an AR-15 platform, the folding stock is a big bonus.
When it comes to specs, the 35.6-inch long carbine, which is about the same length as a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch rifle, shrinks down to 28 inches with the stock folded. Weight is just above 7-pounds.
The “Ms” designation means the carbine uses a modular forend that can be swapped to different lengths or styles based


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