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By gunwriter My Mossberg MVP Predator in .25-45 Sharps (CUR # 2) is back home. I finally took it out to Dove’s Custom Guns and had the barrel finished with DuraKote. Monday marks the opening of buck season in West Virginia and my oldest daughter, Montana, will be using this rifle. It is a sweet handling little gem that weighs 7.5 pounds fully loaded, with the 1-4X VX 2 Leupold and a five-round magazine installed. That magazine will be filled with a unique handload utilizing a 117 grain Remington Core Lokt RN bullet. At 100 yards this rifle will cluster them into groups of about one MOA. You can read more about this rifle HERE but the main concept was to create a scout-like rifle that twill accept a standard scope or a mini red dot sight, and be equipped with back-up XS Sights. It is all that and more and has already proven its field worth. In 2014 my son used it to take a steenbok and several warthogs while hunting with Fort Richmond Safaris in Africa. You might not like the .25-45 Sharps cartridge or the way I have configured this rifle but the point you should take note of …Read the Rest

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