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By Tom Knighton

If you’re a parent with a child in school, have you ever gotten mad at the school over something? Have you ever had a teacher or administrator be a total jackass to you and you respond because you’re legitimately angry?

If so, you probably talked to your friends about what happened and they understood. “I’d be pissed too,” they probably said.

Well, in New York, that might be enough to get your guns taken away from you thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Red Flag Law got the green light in New York on Monday.

The law allows courts to temporarily seize firearms from people who are showing “red flags” or signs of violent behavior.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill in New York City on Monday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also there. Pelosi called the law “landmark gun violence prevention legislation.”

Though other states have similar laws, New York is the first state to give teachers and school administrators the power to pursue court intervention if they believe someone poses a threat to themselves or others. A judge can then order an evaluation for the person or persons in question and remove firearms from their possession if they see fit.

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