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By Tom Knighton

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NRA have been going at it for months now, with the NRA suing the state of New York over their blacklisting of the organization and the threats and intimidation coming from the governor’s office that basically discourage anyone from doing business with the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.

When Cuomo appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, however, he basically made the NRA’s case for them.

First, let’s address the Carry Guard insurance. The term “murder insurance” that Cuomo throws around is one anti-gun activists and the media latched hold of but isn’t remotely accurate.

What the insurance does is cover legal costs if I’m involved in a self-defense shooting (yes, I have Carry Guard). It doesn’t protect me from the repercussions of my actions if they’re illegal, nor does it cover fines and fees associated with a guilty conviction. In other words, despite Cuomo’s claim, it doesn’t insure an unlawful action. It’s legal insurance. That’s it.

Second, he claims the NRA doesn’t want any movement on “gun reform,” which is just a polite way to say new gun control laws. Of course, he says this like it’s a bad thing.

It’s not.

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