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By Bob Owens


I’m not a regular reader of either Gizmodo or Wonkette because, well, I’m a man.

All I know of either site is that they occasionally pop-up in my news feed, typically when they attempt to comment on a subject well outside of their lane, such as good taste or firearms.

For whatever reason, an occasional hunter who works for Gizmodo and who has a friend in the NRA (he whispers, like he’s mentioning his Viagra supplier) decided yesterday to attack Ted Cruz for what he asserted was a gun safety violation.

Here’s Cruz’s “violation.”

Wes Siler claimed that Cruz was violating the first two of Col. Jeff Cooper’s famed “four rules” of firearms safety as he was holding a over/under shotgun pointing over his shoulder in a “field safe” condition, with the action open and completely empty chambers shown to the world. While you can’t see them in this particular still-frame shot, video shows several other hunters are behind the Senator, out of frame of the camera to the right. At least one is carrying his O/U shotgun in the same field safe condition that you’ll see at trap and skeet ranges and in bird-hunting fields around the world.

The shotgun is one simple lever-pull …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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