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By Jim Clary

CRKT KHC Karen Hood Chopper Knife
CRKT KHC Karen Hood Chopper Knife

USA – -( This is a blade that is long overdue. Whether you are in the scrub oak country of western Pennsylvania or the rainforest of the northwest, there are times that you get into brush that calls for a blade big enough and tough enough to cut through it all. Most of us do not carry machetes with us when we venture into the wilderness and our regular belt knives just won’t cut it (pardon the pun).

CRKT KHC Karen Hood Chopper Knife

Karen Hood, who resides in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho recognized that problem and set out to design a blade that would take care of the toughest brush. Her chopper size wise falls between a “standard” machete (whatever that is) and a belt knife in size.

The Chopper is well designed, utilizing principles of ergonomics and physics, which makes it capable of delivering maximum force to the point of impact. Those design criteria are a bit foreign to those of us who never took those classes in college; however, the end result is a blade that is comfortable to use and efficient in completing whatever task it is asked to complete.

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